Herein lies the dragon’s lair. Enter at thine own peril.

Welcome to a world of monsters, mythologies, and poetry. Beware the harpies in the belfry and the dragons in the basement. There are crocottas in the woods, but the carnivorous horses probably won’t bother you. Hopefully…

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The Mage

(This story is from a prompt about new beginnings) Though I knew I had to steal the key, my conscience still smote me brutally. It wasn’t like it had been my idea. The hall was black-dark, but it wasn’t hard to flick open the lock on the tiny box and remove its contents. I could feel everything through my thin gloves, black as the shadows, as if they were a second skin. The lock snicked shut as I closed the metal box. Ghosting over dark velvet floors, the massive ornate door in view, I was already triumphant. I would get … More The Mage