Herein lies the dragon’s lair. Enter at thine own peril.

Welcome to a world of monsters, mythologies, and poetry. Beware the harpies in the belfry and the dragons in the basement. There are crocottas in the woods, but the carnivorous horses probably won’t bother you. Hopefully…

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No Jewel Could Compare

No diamond jewel could compare To the worth of a raindrop in summer. No emerald or ruby could compare To the brilliant hues of a hummingbird. No opal gemstone could compare To the snowy feathers of an egret. For all they take a million years to make, These things of rock and metal make Some forget nature‚Äôs living creatures. What diamond dropped from the sky Could make a trillion living things grow? What emerald or ruby could defy The laws of science and fly? What opal shaped to feather mimicry Could cloak in warmth a living being? Why do we … More No Jewel Could Compare