Goodbyes and Farewells

This December’s prompt was “goodbyes,” as The Confabulator Café, which I have contributed short stories and poetry to for the last three years, is closing down. For my last piece on the Café I wrote a poem, only the second I’ve had published there. “Farewell” is about the many farewells I had to make this year, both to the Café, and to my home and all it encompassed.

things behind

Mythical Rivals

I could not pass up the Café prompt for this month; mythical beast vs Battle of Willsmythical beast. As a fantasy fanatic, I almost had too many ideas for this one, but I ended up with a story near and dear to my heart. “Battle of Wills” is in effect an excerpt from my current novel-in-progress, but from a viewpoint not used in the book after the prologue. It also works as a stand alone story, without ties to the larger world of the novel.

Complicated Beginning

For my latest Café contribution I tried my hand at flash fiction again! The first few stories I wrote were flash length, but the majority of my pieces Mage quotesprawl well into the three and four thousand word ranges. This month, the prompt was new beginnings with a twist, and The Mage certainly has a few of those.

A Dose of Nightshade

I had a short story go Deadly Seductionlive on the Café today! Since December is freestyle month, this is actually an old story I wrote quite a while back. I started writing it for the Café but it hasn’t been posted until now. Deadly Seduction is a sister tale to my novel-in-progress, so it’s fun to have this story go up just after NaNo.

The Mystery Key

I had a Café story posted this Friday! The prompt was the mysterious appearance of a Will of Bequestnew key on your key chain. There are no ghosts or ghouls in Will of Bequest, but there is a funeral and an opal in honor of the month. And of course, that key.

Worst or Best

I have returned to the the Devil's AlleyCafé after a hiatus (and also to one of my previous story worlds)! This month’s prompt was to tell about the worst person to come through someone’s door. But who is the worst person in Devil’s Alley? It might change depending on the perspective…