Fact and Fiction

Well, after another year of randomly disappearing from my website (blows cobweb off keyboard) I have returned again! I have a backlog of candidates for the Writer as Reader’s Corner I’m hoping to get around to reviewing, but in the meantime I felt it might be nice to get back into some short fiction writing of my own. Some stories will likely be reposts of works I did over on the Confabulator CafĂ© before its demise, though with some edits to clean them up a bit better. Some may also be stories I’ve shopped around to enough magazines I feel comfortable letting them retire after collecting a long pedigree of rejections.

So, we’ll see how long I keep this endeavor up! Hopefully I will have edits finished on the book in the next few months, and while it’s off tormenting agents I’ll spend some time on here, cleaning the place up a bit. Maybe I’ll even manage a little more consistency while I’m at it, haha.

Writer-as-Reader’s Corner

Book doorway 2

Welcome to the newest section of my website! I’ve done much more reading than writing recently (because, uh, totally not procrastinating here or anything…) so I decided to put my long reading list to use and re-animate my website with a book review/recommendation section! This will be almost exclusively about YA fiction, because let’s face it, that’s basically the only thing I read. Or at least enjoy reading. (glares at English class classics) A large portion will also be #ownvoices and diverse books, as I’ve actively sought those out in an attempt to help my own cast of characters be a little more realistic and well rounded, and to support my fellow YA authors from marginalized backgrounds.

I hope you all enjoy this new endeavor of mine, and…um…we’ll see how long it lasts. Before I flake out. Again. #ghosttown